A Southern Easter - Big Mama's Fashion Carnival

The Children's Place

With Easter right around the corner, we Southern Mamas start planning the children's Easter Outfits - e.a.r.l.y.

For several years, I have been reading Big Mama's Blog. She has a great everyday appeal that is wonderful. I know most of you know her because she is like the mommyblogger "queen."

She just started her first "Fashion Carnival!" And I wanted y'all to know. I have always loved her take on fashion and loved her idea of a Fashion Carnival. So now girls, here's our chance to make a parade of our favorite fashions with all all people the Fashionista Big Mama!

Here's my first and simple addition: A Fashion Find for the Boys!

Are you a The Children's Place Mama? I am - talk about deals! I love their classic clothes and styles. They actually have something for little and big boys besides tees and jeans. Those are great but we all like variety and I want the Tigers to know how to dress it up a little.

Because inevitably, life calls for dress up. And it will be appreciated.

So here are a couple of favorites:

For the Little Girls:

For the Big Boys: (yes this is how I dress the Tigers! minus the hat. Though Mountain Man has one just like it. ;)

Join us for Big Mama's Fashion Carnival and share your own fashion finds.

Are you in?! Easter is coming.


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Upstatemomof3 said...

Those are really cute and I love the Children's Place. I need to get on getting the kids Easter outfits. A few years ago Big Brother had the cutest pale blue suit. I wish I could find him another one.

Kim said...

My babies are grown but I look forward to shopping for the grandbabies when they start coming :-) That is the cutest dress ever!