Carolina Girl - the Interview III Mel @ A Voice For Moms

Meet Mel @ A Voice for Moms
Welcome to Tuesday's Carolina Girl - the Interview. This week I am pleased to introduce you to Mel @ A Voice Fo Moms. She really has some thought provoking posts and recently videos! Remember to check out her blog after you've read all about her.

Where are you from (can be as general as you wish)?

Asheville, NC

What is the name of your blog?

A Voice For Moms ( )

How did you name your blog?

I often think moms to feel they have a voice because we are so engaged in what is happening with our families. So my blog name reflects the idea that we do all indeed have a voice.

How did you get into blogging?

During the election cycle and right after many folks who knew me were encouraging me to write my take on politics and how it was going to change us. So I took that encouragement and ran with it.

What do you wish to convey on your blog?

That each of us has voice right where we are, that knowing about policies on all levels of government is so important because politics whether we like them or not have a huge impact on most areas of our lives. We all need to know about what is happening and to feel like we can speak up.

What is your favorite thing about your blog?

Politics and current events, and the little things in my life I am thankful for.

What is your favorite Ben N Jerry's Flavor?
Phish Food, Chunky Monkey and Cherry Garcia

What is your favorite song/iTune right now?

Wow I can’t even answer that one, I always have music on.

Starbucks or Mc Donald's?


Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts (there is one answer here for Carolina Girls! Just kidding!) ? ;)

You are correct there is only one answer Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts has no clue what a donut truly is.

A favorite Carolina food or restaurant?

My favorite Carolina food is vinegar based barbeque and Poke Salad

What is a favorite place in Carolina?

The mountains, especially around the Asheville area.

Thank you much Mel @ A Conservative Voice For Moms. And if you're a Carolina Girl and would like to be interviewed, email me and your blog and information.


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Anonymous said...

Love these interviews, it's so fun getting to "know" other bloggers! Have a great day!!!

Poof said...

Carolina Girls, best in the world. Thanks for introducing us.

Amanda said...

Great interview! I have popped over to A Voice For Moms and it is a lovely site!

Amanda - a fellow Carolina Girl

Mel said...

Thanks for the awesome interview, it was fun to do!!!

Nancy M. said...

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to meet all these wonderful ladies!

Chris Worthy said...

Hi! So nice to meet you via Twitter. We do have much in common. I hope you have a great day with your children.

(And nice to meet all these fellow Carolina girls!)