"Pray It Friday" - Join Us

[Here's my favorite Works For Me Wednesday Post ever. It's also one of my most recent because I've just begun the very exciting "Pray It Friday" Virtual Prayer Chain. And because Prayer Changes Things. I had to enter it into the WFMW Best of this week. Hope to see you around on Fridays for sure.}

Welcome to "Pray It Friday!" This is our virtual Prayer Chain where we will pray for each other and our requests. The power of prayer is amazing, so let's share in this together and let God work.

My heart is heavy. I didn't expect to have such a serious prayer request already - this first official week. Please join me in praying for this precious Family of Angie Petro. She went to be with the Lord yesterday after a long battle with ovarian cancer. Angie was an amazing wife, mama, and friend and more. We went to the same church. We used to teach together at the same gym, Quest Lady Fitness of Hattiesburg. I was new to it and she was a professional Kick Box Instructor and other things. She was always smiling and encouraging and she was a gorgeous lady.

Petro loses battle with ovarian cancer | hattiesburgamerican.com | Hattiesburg American

You see her two darling boys. Please pray for her husband, Tony and the boys. This is a long road ahead. Praise the Lord she wanted to live the days she had for Him.

Now, here's your turn to add your link. Once you write a post on your blog, link to Pray It Friday above and then use Mr. Linky to add your URL to this post and list your blog. Then all week we'll pray for one another as folks drop by and pray. Thank you and God bless.


PENSIEVE said...

What a positive use of carnival blogging; I hope this builds each week, but for you, personally, so sad it begins on such a difficult note. Prayers for you and Angie's family. Though I believe the Lord is at work in and through these grievous circumstances, it doesn't minimize the pain of loss.



Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Wow - it's such a reminder at how precious each day is.

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

You are so beautiful for starting this blog prayer ring. I am so sorry for the loss of your dear friend Angie. And I agree with Robin...pain and hope sometimes co-exist. I am sorry for your pain and the pain of her family, and I am thankful for the Hope we have through Christ.

AmyG said...

That was a beautiful video & an eye opener, to live every minute of my life, as if it was my last.

Cathy Davis said...

I saw this on BecomingMe's site and she did a beautiful job posting pictures and such. I'm going to run over and post the link to here!

I'm sorry about the loss of your friend.

Melanie Dorsey said...

I will be in prayer for the Petro family.

Sarah said...

What a beautiful woman inside and out! Tony is a blessed man to have such a grounded wife to have revelation in the times when many don't, even in everyday life. Thank you for sharing this story! I will be praying for their family.

Rona's Home Page said...

I really love your idea. You have beautiful words for your friend. One does get the feeling that she was much loved.