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As this school year is half-way complete, I cannot comprehend that these, the Cherubs, will be turning "8" years old shortly.

This fall we were on a school field trip to the NC Museum of Sciences. They absorbed e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g quite literally. I love their thirst for knowledge. Their eagerness to learn all things dinosaurs, historic and weather and life related.

As they studied the revolving world at the museum, I couldn't help think about their lives and how they will help change this world. Their hearts are big and the questions are getting harder to answer.

And I am realizing at a rapid rate, that I can't right all the wrong in this world much longer. The bubble of reality is near.

Mountain Man can't either. This was starkly apparent on Martin Luther King Day, when we had listened to the entire speech of MLK, with my narrating to the boys along. Finally, we were at that moment, I had to tell them about the assassination.

I really wanted to sugar-coat it, wait until they were older, maybe not mention something so wrong. Nonetheless, truth won out and they were informed. First they pelted me with why didn't Mountain Man, or I or President Bush or do something about it. Then Mountain Man was supposed to fix it because 'Daddy, that is not right!' [of course, in some way the next day, Inauguration Day, something was done about it.]

Though I cannot change the past, I can change today. I can focus on what matters most today.

Yet, I can take time everyday to proverbially rock the cradle that rules the world some day, I can give my very best answer right then and there. And if I don't have one, I know how to pray for one. Most importantly, I now how to direct them to the One who has all the answers.

Now, just a few short months later, the changes in these two are subtle and then they are glaring that this life is short and it is G.O.O.D, too.

So I will listen, and answer, and read and teach and pray with these Tigers each day because change has come. And it will come that one day, they will answer these hard questions, and make a difference and change the world.

Truly, I am blessed and eternally grateful whether I look back over the past few months or the last eight (gasp) years.

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What change has come your way? What change are you looking for today?


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Jenny in Utah said...

They are wonderful boys, I am sure. I have a girl that age, and her curiosity and inquisitive nature leave me excited for her future, too.

Very thoughtful - thank you!

Kristen said...

The Cherubs are so handsome!

I work very close to that museum.

Have a good day!

Mel said...

Oh that feeling of knowing that we can't keep the hurts out...ugghhh..

Your boys are cuties to be sure.

Sarah said...

Love the post today! And the boys in their vests too. Very handsome!

tardevil said...

How sweet! I bet they'll enjoy reading that post one day! :O)

Carol said...

They seem like fine boys who will grow to be fine men. Especially if their thirst for knowledge grows along with them. (Those handsome outfits won't fit them long!)

I love the photo of the giant globe. There's just something about globes and maps - I could look at them for hours (and not remember where anything is).

We are THAT Family said...

My son is nearly 7 and my daughter just turned 9. We are in the height of discovery and endless questions. I LOVE it (most days :D)

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

That's so cool

Valarie Lea said...

They do grow up so very quickly. It just seems like my oldest was 8, now she is 18 and here brother is 8.

Bahama Shores Mama said...

Love the thought provoking Fro post. I too share general realities with my kids. We then talk all about it. Great table discussions, regardless of age!

Alisa Lucas-Brown said...

Hey Carolina Mama,
Another thought provoking post. Your boys are adorable. My youngest turns 10 next month and I can't believe it. Double-digits! My oldest turns 16 in May! Time flies - I am trying to savor each and every moment of it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and life lessons. I enjoy reading your posts. All the best,
Alisa - Carolina Panache

Tammy said...

Such handsome little men! And my daughter is the perpetual question asker. Some days it seems non-stop, but I'm sure it will all be worth it one day!

Jo said...

What handsome young men you have. They grow up oh so fast! I have really enjoyed talking with my 18 year old about current issues that are affecting us all. He is so young with no past history that at times it's refreshing to hear his thoughts.

Enjoy every minute!

kelliebean said...

What handsome boys you have there! Great post, too - I've been feeling those same "what can little ol' me do about it" feelings, too.

Shannon said...

Well said, well said!

Blue Castle said...

Your boys are adorable. :)

Parenting can be very hard. You want to keep them safe and hold the bad world at bay, but you can't.