Really, I Didn't Do That And Wonder How It Happened

Not me! Monday

Y'all will probably laugh, because I think I am the last blogger on the planet to just discover "My Charming Kids" blog. It's really cute so if you are one of the last two like me, check it out. You'll love her. "No, Not me!" series. Here's what I am submitting:

On a recent Saturday morning, I was at a meeting with other moms, and we were having a blast, learning all kinds of things and having a lot of good fellowship.

I needed it as I slipped into the house and made my way to a seat on the sofa, I reached into my handbag and turned my cell phone off. Then on consideration, I thought it better to put it on vibrate in case Mountain Man were to really need to reach me. Reaching down, I dropped it into my lovely Zebra bag just a the lead speaker approached the front.

We talked, we listened, we took notes, asked questions. Then it was time to mix and mingle. Chit and chat and then it was time to go home.

After graciously thanking our Hostess and doting upon her darling children, I was off to my car and home. As usual, as soon as I snapped my seatbelt on, I called Mountain Man. Oh wait, where is that cell phone....

Back into the house, bear in mind that I just met the hostess so I was a mutual-friend guest, you can imagine my embarrassment to go back searching for my cell phone.

The worst thing was this went on, and on, and on. E.v.e.r.y.o.n.e was looking for the cell phone. Then the husband and the in-laws and the cute tot I had doted on. He even said, "We've got work to do. We have a cell phone to find!"

I was encouraged I thought surely cute tot would find it right away. It was to no avail.

Finally, the mother-in-law said, "You know, you may have put it in the purse of your friend next to you." [smiling a knowing smile and then she replied, "I've done that!"] Reassuring except that I am the Mom not the Nana and I don't do these things.

Fine and dandy, except the 'friend' was a new acquaintance that I met 'today!' So I didn't even know her name. How would my phone e.v.e.r surface. Then I remembered my friend was sitting on the opposite side of her so just maybe.

After much more searching, restroom, inside said sofa, etc. I surrendered. I called Mountain Man from the borrowed house phone - more embarrassment - and headed home.

You know how much you miss you cell phone once it's gone - lots!

After not hearing from anyone, we called our provider and put our plan on hold. I was still embarrassed and baffled at where I had misplaced the thing... just maybe I didn't put the ringer on vibrate before the meeting, etc. because No, Not Me! I would not put my cell phone in the lady next to me, her purse! Maybe the mother-in-law, the Nana, but Not me! Carolina Mama!

Close to dinner we got a call, the message said that the new acquaintance I had met had just found a cute pink little cell phone in HER purse! What did she say?! And Hallelujah!

Cell phone in the lady's purse NEXT to me. Not ME! Note to self: never say never!


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The Chappell Family Blog! said...

That is too funny and really does sound like something I would totally do!! lol Glad you found it though!!

Staci said...

Sounds like something I would do and I'm not a Nana either :) Glad you found it!

Wayne said...

Great not me monday I thought your not me's were great, especially the one about the having to find the cell phone

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Lauren said...

Too funny! I lose my cell phone all the time!

Mighty M said...

That is too funny! I'm glad you found your phone!! :-)

Kristen said...

That is a good one!

Amanda said...

LOL! That is too funny! Really, though, that IS something that could happen to me.

Beth in NC said...

I love this blog carnival. You should go through my blog and read my NMM posts. They are funny -- if I should say so myself. lol

Oh my gosh, I'd be lost without my phone. I have a million numbers in there!!! I'm glad you found your phone.

Glad you joined the carnival!


Smelling Coffee said...

How funny! I think I must be the last one to know about that the cute blog.

I think my Bloglines said I had 20 something Carolina Mama posts to catch up on. I'm heading back now.

Love to you, friend!

mom24boys said...

I threw mine away at Panera Bread over Christmas vacation...NICE! You never realize how much you rely on it til it is gone! Glad you got your back! At least you got a fun post out of it! ;)