No I am Not High Maintenance - Hazelnut Moose on a Sunday Morning

Are you like my family and you are all dressing, eating, gathering books, Bibles, etc. to get out of the door to Church on Sundays? We've recently changed our Sunday routine that requires us to get up earlier, so I usually have clothes out before and a quick breakfast idea ready along with a fresh pot of Starbucks Verona.

This usually helps a whole lot and each little thing that makes this morning go smoothly, I'll take.

Even still, those mornings are sometimes a whirlwind. Of course, they are soooo worth it. Recently, we were 'getting out the door' in our usual Sunday morning madness. And I did something I typically do, grabbed a hot cup of Starbucks in my favorite ceramic mug and headed out the door with my purse, and maybe a couple of other things.

Somehow between me being the last out the door and closing the door and stepping down the few steps into the garage, I managed to pour almost an entire mug of coffee on ... me!

Yes, you've got it. Could I do anything but laugh! I mean really, I did not fall, or even drop and break my favorite mug.

You can imagine Mountain Man's surprise when he saw coffee swirling! Immediately, I thought I'll need a quick shower, new clothes and of course, another cup of coffee. This would require me taking a second car and missing some of our 'together' activities. I could tell Mountain Man was bummed.

So I took stock and realized that it was only my shirt that was laden and my coat and scarf. Well, quite a list, my hair was glistening with Hazelnut Coffee. Mountain Man really wanted us to be 'together.'

Quickly, I realized I can do this. Who says I am high maintenance! So I ran inside put on a fresh clean turtleneck sweater (after all I had to make up for my favorite coat and scarf being wet with coffee) I think I grabbed a light layer and another scarf looked in the mirror and scrunched my hair a little.

Thinking to myself, Hazelnut really does smell quite nice.....

And that was it, we were off to Church and we m.a.d.e it on time! I was laughing most of the morning at my new perfume scent and even confessed to a couple of girlfriends as we did our usual "hug-hello!"

No,Not me! I did not go anywhere with Hazelnut 'mouse' in my hair! Now, will you share your No,Not me! Have a great day!


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Anonymous said...

GREAT attitude my friend! Terrific example for your kiddos and great way to love your man! You GO Girl! :)

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

You're a better woman than me...but love that you put your family first!


Jeanette "Frogster" said...

I laughed and laughed - thanks for the pick-me-up!

Nancy M. said...

You did a whole lot better than me! I probably would have reacted terribly. It is awesome that you had a great attitude about it.

Wendy said...

Well, at least it smelled good!