Lundi Gras: What Are You Giving Up and Maybe It Was The New Duke Jersey

On this eve of Mardi Gras, what are you giving up for Lent? I suppose it is ingrained in me from growing up on the Bayou, but Lundi Gras signals Mardi Gras which means, time to give up something until Easter. I'm actually not Catholic but it always was a good time to fine tune things for me. So I am contemplating giving up Sweet Tea again.

Remember "Back to Me" last year, it was a god thing. So I'll say it out loud, Hi Internets, I am giving up Sweet Tea for Lent. Pray for me. :) Especially when I am at Chick-Fil-A and they give me a look when I say UNsweet tea. And they give me a chance to second guess my good decision. Pray on sisters. And let me know what you're giving up. :)

Duke Men's Basketball

Duke is unstoppable!

May it was the alternate Nike jersey. You just have to know basketball in North Carolina is like no other. I remember growing up my mother made sure we revered North Carolina Basketball and rightfully so. With North Carolina basketball dominating the Top 10 it's understandable.

Duke did it again against Wake Forest last night.

Home town boys make good! :)


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Melanie Dorsey said...

What a beautiful Mardi Gras pic to top your post.
Off and on I give up sugar and artificial sweetner (don't do that much anyway). Saturday, I began a no sugar/sweetner "journey". Fruit is okay. Just no added sugar or sweets. I'm posting on it soon.
So, I'll be with you in spirit on the no "sweet tea." That one is tough. M mother says she would forego dessert for a glass of sweet tea. But I can enjoy it w/lots of lemon and ice.

Michelle said...

Ahh...sweet tea! Being Southern myself I love tea like some love coffee. With trying to lose weight...I gave up sweet tea and started drinking UNsweet some years ago. I now LOVE it this way and can't go back to sweet.

As far as Duke basketball....I'm a big Clemson fan so I do know the importance of North Carolina team basketball. They are always at the top...that's why beating Duke was so sweet this year...we have a long way to go and Duke or NC will probably still be the 2 teams on top. Good Luck to them and to you with your tea:)

Tara said...

I'm getting a little worried...2 consecutive Duke posts?!?!

And, if I tried to give up something, it def. would never be sweet tea or Coke. I'm thinking more along the lines of sweet peas (which I do not like anyway)

Have a great Monday!

Upstatemomof3 said...

I really need to figure out what I am giving up. I wish I could commit to doing something instead of giving something up. I would love to commit to walking on my treadmill 30 min per day. Giving up that time, ya know? Chocolate or other sweets is always good. I gave up caffeine last year. Maybe I will give up soda this year.

Montee said...

Giving up Sweet Tea is definitely going to be tough! Good Luck and Go Duke!

I'm not Catholic either so we don't do Lent. My husband is leaving for Spring Training on Sunday. I guess I am giving up having him around for a while. Does that count?

steffj89 said...

I am giving up soda totally helps when i want to lose weight

tardevil said...

I wrote one time in a post that I could give up chocolate before sweet tea, and THAT is saying something b/c I love some milk chocolate. Best of luck w/ that. I'm glad I'm not Catholic, so I don't have to give up anything! :O)