Duke Chapel Vespers and Friends

Duke Chapel

Duke Chapel Vespers

Hello Friday! Love the weekends.

Last night we had an amazing experience at the Duke Chapel Vespers Service. "The Duke Vespers Ensemble is a select group of singers specializing in Renaissance and 20th-century motets. It is directed by Allan Friedman, Assistant Conductor of the Duke Chapel Choir."

A dear friend of ours joined us last night for this amazing Vespers. It took me back Cir. 1984 to my Summer Abroad in Innsbruck, Austria. It was something magical, gothic, the amazing Chapel itself, the Candlelight Vigil Vespers, it all took my breath away.

Yes, (here goes sappy Carolina Mama) I did relish the Tigers standing their tall almost-eight-year-old-selves with their own little light-up candles that Mama provided. They were the only children in 'the house.' And they did really great. How could they not, it was a mesmerizing experience.

If you can, go, you'll be glad. The information is in the link above. Hope you have a great weekend! We're rounding out a busy week with school pictures today.

What are you up to this Friday? Weekend? Stay warm. It's still cold out there here.

p.s. Our Colorado Coalition - family, friends - they may be winning out here with their pull towards the mountains on our little family. It's 59 there and 23 here. What is going on with that?! And they get all the snow! Well, that's another post and really we are right where God wants us and we're quite happy about it and I know, my Carolina Mama is too! :) Blessings!


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Mel said...

Duke chapel is beautiful!!

kelliebean said...

What a sight!

Colorado is nice...but I think our area is the best for winter (summer, not so much...)! :) Have a great weekend!

Nancy M. said...

The Chapel looks beautiful!

It sure is a change here from the other day, you just never know what the temperature is gonna be.