Family Matters and Cousins Rock!

The Tigers are turning eight soon. So you know it is a huge "Event" here. We are planning on some super fun family time. Today I wanted to share with you the Tigers awesome Cousin M! And his wife H, my niece are so precious to us and sweet. They are so fun and love these boys. H & M are Youth Directors and Teachers in Charleston, South Carolina where he is from.

Any time we can get with these two is a treasure! Here the Tigers are hanging with their buddy M in Charleston this summer. Remember our Anniversary Weekend. :) Thanks to the Cuzzies, the Tigers got to have a blast with them while Mountain Man and I got to celebrate. Love these memories.

We are so looking forward to this Summer when H's brother, my nephew, get married! He's the last of my brothers children to marry and we adore his fiancee. We can't wait to spend time with them again and help celebrate this special time. He is my Daddy's namesake so I know Poppy will be smiling down from heaven that day as well.

One more note, my brother and I are two of five children. Same parents! :) And we're only five years apart, look at the age difference in our children. :) Kinda funny. He married right out of college. And me, it took a while before Mountain Man and I found each other. :)

Thanks for reading. Tell me about your family, siblings, coiusins? Though tomorrow night is a Dinner Banquet with my Valentine - Mountain Man. Today, we're also loving our family too!


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Upstatemomof3 said...

My siblings and I are FAR apart. My first brother is eight years younger than me and the twins (brother and sister) are thirteen years younger than me. But I love them. My kids will probably (hopefully) never really play with their cousins - but maybe they can do cool things eith them like your sons' cousins do with them.

Saif Ali Pervez said...

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Smelling Coffee said...

Three handsome men in that picture! Can't believe the boy are almost 8. They're growing and changing before our very eyes. So glad they can enjoy special times with cousins and family.

Shannon said...

My hubs and all his bros are each two years apart. We are the only ones who have had kids, two of them aren't even married, lol. My closest bro is three years younger than me and has three kids, 8,7, and 2. I wouldn't be surprised if my almost 20 year old sis gets married in a few years and has kids before my brother-in-laws do.