Tigers and Tennis Camp

Tennis Camp went well! Private camp - with Mama Coach went surprisingly well. Even with Adult Racquet's! The Tigers are somewhere in between the Junior Racquet's I just purchased and my, yes my, Over sized Prince which I love.

I am really jazzed about the balls for beginners that I found. The density is set so that the ball can be hit appropriately while learning and not swing off to the next state. Sounds like I wouldn't mind just playing with these.

The boys loved playing with the drills I had learned at my private tennis lessons years ago. It is funny how they think like multiples. I try to focus in on individual instruction and they do so much better when I talk 'in group' to them. So I resorted to my lesson days. My Daddy would be proud. The boys loved it were asking again today.

They were very enthusiastic, it is just the photo shoot afterwards was not top of the list.

So with the new Junior Racquet's, we'll be playing more tennis Friday and/or Saturday.

We do have a "play date" planned for tomorrow - this one a double - friends with a boy and girl 7 and 9. Gracious friends, two on two. Ahhh, no tears of being left out. (yet. ;)


Colored With Memories said...

It is so great that you are teaching them like that...and at this age too.

My hubby and I took tennis together in college and sadly, that was the first time I was exposed to it.

They have classes around here for 3 year olds...but that seems too young.

I've enjoyed all the posts about your 10 yr anniversary trip. Sounds like y'all had a fab time.

Next summer is 10 years for us!

Earthmommy said...

It is so great that you are so involved and teaching them. We've been working this summer on getting my 3yo comfortable on her first big girl bike. Stay tuned for pics soon.

Shannon said...

Oh my goodness, that picture is priceless! I can just hear them saying through gritted teeth, Moooommm, it is hot, no I can't smile, hurry up, lol. The Charleston pictures are gorgeous.
On their shoes, do they always pick out different ones? Does anyone ever regret not getting the same kind, or are they over that phase? Mine ALWAYS chose different ones, but I haven't had the guts to let them get them, for fear they will want the other buddies pair after we are home.

Carolina Mama said...

Shannon, I did get some cute ones of them individually - not posed. ;) However, I really like the ones of them together. ;)

Also, they chose the same item in a slight different color most times. When they pick the exact same - they can still tell the difference when no one else can.

You're right - they do change their minds after the fact sometimes. ;)