Keeping on with Summer Reading

We have managed to keep the reading alive through our active, traveling and sports- filled summer. Some days reading flows right into a 'quiet time.' Dare I say 'naptime' to the Tigers.

We are also really enjoying reading aloud to the boys the "Chronicles of Narnia" series. It is so good. Carolina Mama who spent a lot of her girlhood reading Nancy Drew and Little House on the Prairie is truly taking in the Narnia series. I would highly recommend it for family read aloud time. Intriguing for all!

Just take in the pictures above if you have ever asked if the Twins are different or alike? Fraternal or Identical? These reading pics say it all.

Our boys are miracles. At times they are one, at others they are polar opposites. It has been a joy like no other to raise our twin sons and witness this magic each day.

Tiger A - loves his sleep, loves imagination, and is very easy going. Loves motion - thus the need for his sleep. It's full on once those feet hit the floor.

Tiger B - loves to greet the morning dawn, ;) prefers reading than napping, loves perfection as much as possible. Loves order on his desk, reading,etc. Honestly, do boys sit and relax reading like this!

Let me know what your children do for reading and rest time. And please share how different your own children are from one another. It is fascinating.

Happy Weekend!


Shannon said...

Ahh, to your comment on my blog.... yes, yes, yes. They always know which toy is theirs. Thus we have the first letter of their name on their bikes, Tonka trucks in the sandbox, rainboots, HotWheels cars, and those green Tupperware cups. It keeps the fighting down to a minimum. My twins are mirror image twins. S is left-handed, and G is right-handed. Their hair even swirls the opposite way in the back, lol. G falls right to sleep at night and awakes first. S lays awake (seems like forever) and sleeps a little later in the mornings. S colors and draws very methodically, G is a mini-Picasso. S loves all things red, and G loves all things orange. Other traits seem to change weekly at this age, so I'm not sure about the rest, except that G seems to be more "bossy" right now.

Shannon said...

Oh, can you tell your boys apart by just hearing them? It freaks people out when we do that, but to us their voices sound completely different.

Smelling Coffee said...

I love how God weaves everyone differently! What blessings all of our children are!

Beth@Sportsmomma said...

love reading about your boys! Mine aren't twins but they're pretty darn close- 19 1/2 months apart. But they are very different!!!

I'm a carolina mama too- SC that is!!