Wool E. and Twins

Here's another one I meant to post from last night with Wool E. the Durham Bulls Mascot. It's one of my favorite. They love Wool E. and I love seeing them enjoy being kids!

It is amazing how quickly they mature and grow and I am very cognizant of how quickly it all goes. As much as I enjoy each day, as a mother of multiples that are our only children, we get to do this once. So with two children I find myself looking in a mirror. It doesn't slow things down. I don't get another chance, yet I see it twice as we go along.

They will not be amazed with Wool E. forever. And I just heard this conversation yesterday as they were Super Why! which I was so happy to learn about this year. Something educational, word scrambles, etc. The conversation went (to each other):

"Oh, that's 'baby'." Tiger B

"Do you think that is baby?" Tiger A

"This might be too 'baby.'" Tiger B

"But I do like this one." Tiger A

"Oh, Okay!" Tiger B

And they proceeded to watch and enjoy that Super Why! I stayed out of it and let them decide. All along realizing no matter what the choice du jour was, one day too soon, they will deem it 'too baby.'

Then my girlfriend sent this today that just sums up my thoughts on enjoying each moment:

"Dance like nobody's watching; love like you've never been hurt. Sing like nobody's listening; live like it's heaven on earth." -
-- Mark Twain

Dance, love and sing with your loved ones today - live like it's heaven on earth! Because until heaven, it it!



Nancy M. said...

Beautiful pictures of the boys. Time does go by very fast. We just have to savor every moment.

Shannon said...

Love the quote from mark Twain!!!! My mom reminded me that we often set a ten minute timer when we have one of something for the buddies. This helps them know when to trade without fighting over it. The "Baby" conversation goes on daily at our house, lol, but my 11 year old watched SuperWhy yesterday also. (the satellite was out)

Kelsey S said...

Awesome photos!


Sarah said...

The boys have great smiles! Have a wonderful day!