Weight Watchers Girl Tips

Happy April Y'all! And Thank You everyone who emailed and commented about my confessions of a Weight Watchers Girl. It was truly encouraging to meet and hear from new readers and friends about your own WW experiences or your own healthy eating habits.

Spring really brings out the exercise, fresh fruits & veggies and healthy living in all of us. So please tell me what works for you? Do you have favorite Weight Watchers products that really do the trick? Or like my friend Bella-Mella shared her trick for my love of sweet tea is a little extra lemon and then I"m home free - the joys of sweet tea without all the sugar infusion. Novel concept for Carolina Mama!

So please tell this Weight Watchers Girl what works for you, your favorite recipes, your favorite restaurant selections, favorite exercise activity. You name it. All in the name of healthy living. That's my Works For Me Wednesday reversed entry because it really is amazing how we can help one another.

Look forward to hearing from you.


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Melanie said...

Thanks for the shout out!
I was at lunch yesterday with a friend who does WW and I asked her for her best weight loss tips.
Hers were: eat early and often.
Mine: portion control, a daily record of what you eat, cut out the sugar and artificial stuff
I've mentioned stevia before:(herbal sweetner)
It's great for tea, lemonade and Arnold Palmer's.

LisaShaw said...

Glad all is going well for you! Keep focused.

As for your questions, you know my answers they are already on my fitness blog so I won't take up your time here but I did want to encourage you to continue to take care of yourself and live a more fit life.

Bless you.

P.S. The prints all done and has been shipped to me.I'll let you know when I receive it. Thank you again so very much.

Smelling Coffee said...

Hi friend! I hopped on to learn some tips from others. Must try that Stevia!

Love to you and blessings to you and your lemon tea. :-)

Carolina Mama said...

Here is a little tip I just discovered and love. Trader Joe's has 'slim pretzels' they are these cute little flat pretzels that are flavored like pretzels or bagels.

They are really great and tasty too. And they have no fat.