Got Milk? Kick-Off Campaign

This week has been super charged. We've had several exciting things going on - one of which was the opportunity to be VIP Guests at the Got Milk? Kick-Off Event in the Raleigh-Durham area. The entire event was well done. If you look closely, you'll see our "Got Milk? Milk Mustaches!" Isn't that fun! It was pretty warm in that spot in the sun so I feel like it sort of melted right there. But you get the idea and it was fun to do.

It was the perfect time to fill in another field trip spot on the home school calendar before the year comes to an end. With all that milk education, the health screenings, tasting milk from local dairies and the quintessential "Got Milk?" shake, it was a full day. Of course, the Tigers loved the goodie bag. :) Lots of fun Got MIlk? goodness.

Did I mention the train ride, the carousel and the boat rides on the water! And we had the most gorgeous of Spring days to enjoy it all.

As for the Got Milk? Campaign, Katie was such a great and enthusiastic Hostess. It was educational and fun.

Here's the latest information on their next stop for the Got Milk? Campaign:

Next stop Greenville, SC:

Hyatt Regency Greenville Plaza Deck
220 North Main Street
Greenville, SC 29601
Friday, May 1st (11a.m.-2p.m.)

Hope some of you can go and enjoy. Have you been to a Got Milk? event? Are you a milk drinker? And something we're a bit more cognizant of - are you drinking local milk? :)


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Jo said...

How fun! I've heard that it's very nice in NC ~ my son likes to remind me that he is at the beach or golfing on glorious weather weekends. :)

Have a great week,

Sarah said...

Sounds like so much fun! What a great event to be a part of!

Jen @ One Moms World said...

HOW NEAT!! I didn't even realize they were doing this. Sounds like you all had a really good time though and how neat you all got to do the milk mustaches.

Shannon said...

Sounds like fun! Sorry I haven't stopped by in a while, your page takes a long time to load, lol.

Mari said...

Well aren't you just famous! Looks like you and the boys had a great time.