Ashton Kutcher Challenges Larry King To Million Twitter Followers

Y'all have to hear this. I had to share the tweets on Twitter tonight. Apparently, Ashton Kutcher, yes Demi Moore's husband, has challenged Larry King's CNN to who can receive 1 Million Followers first! Isn't that a sketch!

And I have to say Larry King did a stellar job of keeping it fun and using all the Twitter lingo we all use in his come back. Game on y'all. So who you gonna Tweet!?!

Of course, I'm giving you options on who to Tweet. Make your choice:

Larry King for CNN

Ashton Kutcher

For fun, here's wife, Demi Moore's

Who knows what will happen in this race because there are two CNN Twitter's going on CNN and CNN BRK for CNN Breaking News and then someone opened up tonight, @kingsthings which doesn't stick to the rules. Larry King in the video responded to the challenge between Kutcher and CNN the network, not someone opening an account.

What do you think? Crazy. Do you Twitter? Will you join the fun?! We do silly things and serious things. In fact, Kutcher committed to buy 1000 Malaria Bed Nets for Malaria Day should he lose. UPDATE: Kutcher just said he'd give 1,000 regardless and 10,000 bed nets if he wins. Stay tuned.

Repeat Game on! As we say on Twitter, RETWEET Game on! It's a little nutty, but isn't Twitter. :) So why not mix it up a little today with my Blogger and Twitter. Now no one's missing a thing.

Would you vote? Go ahead and vote in the poll on my left side bar. And let me know if you hear any scoop on "the Million Twitter Challenge!"


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Kathy_in_Colorado said...

That is too funny! Larry King is keeping up with the times, huh? :) I don't twitter, I'm not really sure what it is about or if I'd get joy from it. But it sounds huge right now. :)

Shannon said...

No, not into the whole "Twitter" thing. Or texting for that matter. The girls at the AT&T store tried to sell us a texting package with the iPhone. The hubs said, "We are over thirty". Everyone busting out laughing, it was hilarious. I just don't get it.

Smelling Coffee said...

very funny~ I'm staying away from Twitter for now... but I have to wonder if this was "set up" as a way for CNN and to get their message "out there" and elevate their ratings... Just wondering... :-)

Love you, girl!