Stylish Walking and Running

Spring is here and we are loving every chance we get to be outdoors. Even in the on and off already April shower we're receiving. I just love this time of year. Everything is green and fresh and colorful. The Tigers can honestly run barefoot - you know, nice and fast like the Kenyans you see win all of the races. :)

Me, I am a different story. Some would call me a Running Shoes snob. :) I can't help myself. As long as I can remember I've worn Nikes like the ones above - sometimes the style varies, and the colors are fun. However, the shoe that fits my foot is the Nike.

Although, I love the look of New Balance in this photo because I love pink:

Good running shoes are motivational to me. Seriously, I love to lace them up and feel them move. I also, love this site with Free Shipping & Free 365 Day Returns on running shoes. Since I usually buy the same brands over and again, I know my size and what works and free shipping and no malls equals more running time!

What are your favorite shoes for activities like running and walking? Do you prefer one style? Where do you get them?


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Tara said...

Saucony is my favorite though I have a pair of Nike Shox. The Sauconys are way older but I continue to wear them.

Sarah said...

Mike and I are faithful Saucony buyers. They are VERY light and comfortable. We usually get them at Dick's since Mike can get a coach's discount there. They are also reasonably priced. In fact, we are going to both get new pairs soon!