Is It Strange To Love This Life

Carolina Blue Sky

That's right - that Carolina Blue Sky your looking at is one of the things I am most thankful for today. It is a flawless day. Do you wonder why I love this life?! Sort of joking, most of you know the long list of things I love about life. But seriously, look at that picture.

Now you're looking at the little things that mean a lot to Carolina Mama. It's a beautiful Spring day that feels like it should be say a Saturday. We've been in the throes of our usual days, family, homeschooling, lots of reading and mix it all up with a family hike.

Yesterday, we had a brunch with all of the ladies in my Bible study. There are say fifty of us who just concluded our study of the Life of Joseph. We had a lovely time together yesterday and one of the older ladies was laughingly telling me how nice it is that her children are grown and in college. And that her home is q.u.i.e.t. How she wishes me luck with such adorable but active boys. And how could I possibly do it!

She said it in such a way that I knew she loved it. Now, I am sure she was/is a lovely Mom and she did say she had to get used to it. However, I just do not picture myself saying that - am I strange to love this life I am living! I love being a wife and mom. Chasing these boys. Making my house a home and keeping it in ship shape. I love being with my family. I love making the amazing chicken burritos that are in the crock pot right now.

Life is good and Spring is a wonderful brisk, fresh beginning time of year and yet I am finding myself a little short on time. Times say to write, read, be quiet. The days burst forth at a steady clip here with the Tigers. And yet I love it.

Am I human? Yes, I get frazzled too. After all you know Starbucks and Chick-fil-A are my close friends mainly because it's my daily Verona Misto and my Sweet Tea now turned Iced Tea with lots of lovely Lemon that get me through the day. That the Books Psalms and Proverbs. And a daily prayer, "Father, I cannot do this! But you can! Help me Father!"

So I looked at my dear older friend and with all due respect I smiled and sweetly said, "Now you know how to pray for me!" And while you're at it remember I'm the one who loves this life I am living and I am thankful for it.

Resonate with anyone out there? Can you hear me?! :) Tell me about it.


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Shannon said...

It is funny. I long for quiet. When I get it, I don't know what to do with myself. I love the ages the kids are right now, but I am also looking forward to them growing up. Does that sound weird?

AmyG said...

I don't know what I would do without my girls, but I do enjoy the time after they go to bed. ;o)

Dana said...

LOVE LOVE the picture. It's been 4 years since I left Charlotte, NC and living here in FL my girls like to think they are looking there too. I never knew what seasons were until I made the short trek up there..snif. One day, just one day.

Tara said...

I love my life but like AmyG said, I enjoy his naptimes too!

Melanie said...

Loving my life and when I'm too busy outside my home, I miss my daily family interactions!

Colored With Memories said...

i'm loving the crazy busy life, but i do rely on starbucks...i'm guessing that wasn't around in her day!

The Smith's said...

I love this post.... while I love seeing my children grow and taking part in all these milestones, I am also so sad to see them grow up. Sort of happy and sad all at the same time. My son is about to graduate next year and join the marines.... Im proud beyond measure but so sad all at the same time. Thanks for your posts.

Terresa said...

this is a lovely post -- about being grateful for life are you are living it, even in the trenches at times.

I, too, am a MOT (mama of twins), and also 2 more kids. Life is not always tidy, but we're rolling with it anyhow!

Hats off to you!