And The Winner Is... Plus Compassion Bloggers

And the Winner of the lovely Large Format Posters Canvass print is... Jewel @ CarolinaJewels! Congratulations Jewel! What fun! And a big Thank You to Large Format Posters for the Giveaway. These are beautiful.

Even though tomorrow is "Pray It Friday!" I wanted to ask you to keep in mind all of the Compassion Bloggers in India. They are doing incredible work there. Today, Spence Smith wrote such a raw effective post... to compel us all to wonder what more we can do.

Stay tuned for "Pray It Friday" tomorrow and more Giveaway fun next week. Hope you are all having an awesome week!


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carolinajewel said...

I am so Excited!!!!! Thanks so much!

Mel said...


and i am being blessed by the Compassion bloggers!!!