Mommy Blogger Mixer At The Primrose School

You know I promised more details about happenings - here's one of the most exciting ones this week. Earlier in the week, I had the privilege of attending a lovely Mom Mixer where other mommybloggers and I got to meet face-to-face in our Carolina locale. Talk about exciting.

It was a real joy to be a part of this for several reasons. The obvious is meeting mommyblogger friends in person. And it was fabulous to be a part of this Mixer sponsored by Mom Talk Radio's Maria Bailey.

We met at the amazing Primrose School At The Park. What a stellar daycare and preschool which has won many awards right here in North Carolina. The facility was incredible. Meeting Owner, Leslie Grivalski was a delight. Her team there at Primrose is outstanding. Enjoy the pictures.

Here are a couple of my own pictures - this one is a brilliant move - personal beds for the infants. None of this swapping baby germs etc.

This MommyBlogger Mixer was an awesome and great time. Shout out friends: @RealLifeSarah, @Raleighgirl, @myGOMOM, @onemomsworld and @notimemom.

Are you a Primrose School parent? Let me know your experience.


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Love Being a Nonny said...

Not a Primrose parent but wow, I love how bright and clean everything looks!!

Glad you got to meet some real life blogging friends!!! Love me some NC girls!!

Alisa Lucas-Brown said...

Hi Carolina Mama,
Looks like you all had a great time. I am not familiar with Primrose School but it certainly looks like a top-notch facility. I am in the Charlotte area. What part of NC are you close to?
Meeting blogger friends is a treat! Hope you have a happy week!

Carolina Mama said...

Everyone is invited to the National Mom's Nite Out! Check out the site in my earlier post this week. There should be one in your area, too. :)

Alisa, We're in the Triangle area.

Carolina Mama said...

There are National Mom's Nite Out events in the Boone, NC area and the Greensboro, NC area for sure. Let me know if you have questions.

Mel said...

i am so hating i got lost getting there!!! but I will be there for the next one!!!

Nancy M. said...

Looks like a very nice place! How cool to meet up with some other bloggers!

Jen @ One Moms World said...

That is such a great picture of you all. I'm so glad I was introduced to you and got to meet you! We did have a super fab time and Primrose School definitely got my attention.

Smelling Coffee said...

Hey friend~ Beautiful picture of you and the other two mommybloggers! You're looking good! ;-)