What I Learned From the Our Trip To The Zoo

Here's a little run down on my thoughts after a glorious day at the NC Zoo earlier this week. It seems lately I am having 'reflections' or you'll notice it as "What I Learned...." I suppose anytime I can 'learn' something from anything is a good thing. Then to pen it is another.

What I Learned From the NC Zoo:

1) Beautiful fall weather is a gift from above not to be taken for granted. A plethora of gorgeous fall leaf colors included made for a flawless Zoo day
2) It's fun to be the first one in the parking lot - before the gates open - all Kudos go to Mountain Man :)
3) The sound of silence at the Zoo is a miracle of peace. The NC Zoo is a large property so the winding trails and trees were like being in the forest with the animals.
4) We'll never forget hearing the Elk bugle! (Even in Elk season, I had not heard this in Colorado.)
5) One Elk can send a herd of Buffalo stampeding in the opposite direction
6) The love my "Cherubs" have for all of the animals is something heavenly, I aspire to mimic it :)
7) There is nothing like a homemade picnic by Carolina Mama - awesome ;) for lunchtime at the Zoo - yes I turned my nose up at the Zoo food; :)
8) The Giraffe still take my breath away....
9) Watching the Sea Lions swim was mesmerizing; and
10) Family is everything and it was a joy to do the Zoo together!

*Runner Up: Dinner at Cracker Barrel on the way home was warm and delicious and perfect after a full day with the animals.


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Shannon said...

Oh, what a great idea to go in the fall. The schools always go in the Spring when it is SO HOT!!!! Also taking your own food was a great idea, the zoo food isn't the best, lol. How great is the Tram for when you are tired and need to get from Africa to North America.

Wendy said...

I like the NC zoo, too. It's just such a long drive (for a day trip) from here...

My pocketbook turns up its nose at the zoo food.

Smelling Coffee said...

So glad you had such a great time. It seems that the Lord really blessed you with the beautiful day - and He is ever so glad when we "learn" something from spending time in His creation! Thanks for sharing it with us. I learned something from your day at the zoo - didn't know a thing about Elk until today - now I know 2 things. ;-)