Carolina Country "Cranberries"

Carolina Country offers up these 'cranberries!" :) If you know the official name, feel free to let me know. They're just so beautiful. - I had to share. We call them Cranberries - or "Fall HollyBerry!" :)

LSU really made Alabama work for it! What a game!
Hope you're having an awesome weekend!

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Smelling Coffee said...

Beautiful picture, my friend! Don't know the name, but love the vibrant color! :-)

Kim @ My Journey said...

I am linking to you via Smelling Coffee and love your blog! I especially loved your post on why you love Carolina living.... though I'm a midwest girl, my family and I love the south (especially South Carolina), bbq and sweet tea! :)

Have a great start to your week & I look forward to being a regular reader!

Shannon said...

Love them, don't know the "proper" name either.