Carolina Kids Rock The Vote - Election Day 2008 - Go Vote!

Kids Rock The Vote! The Tigers love the Election Day 2008 Kids Vote process! It has been an awesome experience to take them to the Kids vote here.

It's generational! My roots run deep in Southern politics and it is a joy to take my own children to the polls on Election Day just like my parents did. There were times when my Daddy was on the ticket or cousins as well. So castimg your ballot and making your voice heard has always something we partake in.

The Tigers were amazed to hear that not too long ago women were not allowed to vote and now McCain*Palin - in fact, are a Presidential ticket. I did take it as far as reminding them that some gave their lives for the freedom to vote. Thanks to Shannon @ Rocks In My Dryer who really galvanized me into speaking the truth to my young children.

Tell me about your Election Day wherever you are. The rain is not slowing things down here.

Tomorrow "Win It Wednesday" Giveaway returns... see ya here!

And in the wise words of my Aunt, "It will still be the United States of America on Wednesday morning!" Amen! ;)


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Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

We proudly cast our votes a couple of weeks ago because I wasn't sure if I would be able to get to the polls today. Now all I can do is pray!

cpullum said...

I voted today in California! Felt good! Can't wait for the results!!
No lines at my polling place!

Smelling Coffee said...

How awesome that your kids got to vote, too! :-) My daughter had an election in her school and McCain won by 71% (He'll take TN in the real election, so that's not surprising.)

I dreaded waiting in line for several hours today, because I was studying to teach tomorrow's CBS class. Around 9am, I felt the Lord tell me to get up and go immediately, and I was in and out of the place within 5 minutes!!! Praising the Lord for the extra hours He gave me back in my day! :-)

Nancy M. said...

My son really misses kids voting. Last time we lived in NC and he got to do it. We live in SC now, and he didn't get too. He still enjoyed going, just not as much!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Amen! We voted today too...for McCain! Now we're sitting here watching the election results!

I also updated my blog to give more instructions on making my cake stand. :)