A Hearty "Thank You Mr. President" by Steven Curtis Chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman has been a favorite of mine for a very long time. Over the last year I have come to love the whole family through Mary Beth's blog. :) Yes, you heard she's a mommyblogger, too. :) She's funny, she's grounded and always has something great to say. Check their links above and get to know them and enjoy!

Really you have to hear this new song by SCC written to President Bush as he completes his eight years in office. What a kind and thoughtful gesture! Well done SCC. Here it is: Thank You Mr. President!

Hope your Thanksgiving was lovley.


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Smelling Coffee said...

This made me cry! What a great tribute to a truly great and Godly leader. Thanks for posting it! Love to you - have a great and productive week! :-)

Rae said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! I had not heard the song before. It is a wonderful tribute to a godly man!!