Thanksgiving is Here and Helpers

Let the cooking begin. Today we're starting a few things to help tomorrow go more smoothly. One things I am starting now is to fulfill Mountain Man's request for Martha Stewart's Chocolate Pecan Pie. Now, I grew up on traditional Pecan Pie. However, if you have not tried this one. You must. It has become a family tradition here and I like it. That's saying a lot because we usually do not mess with tradition here in the South.

Shhh - I have a little secret to share. Guess who is helping me? Great Harvest Bread is helping me this Thanksgiving. If you are fortunate enough to have one of these lovely bakeries in your neighborhood. Go quickly. Or note to self to call and order early for Christmas. I put in my order here on Monday for a pie and whole wheat bread rolls. Fresh baked with stone ground wheat. Nice. And less to do - say today!

Hope you have the opportunity to check one out. Let me know. Or call one of your favorite bakeries to help with a couple of things. And enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family and friends. For more fun stuff join us all at Works For Me Wednesday.


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Shannon said...

We are starting a new tradition here. My immediate fam is coming over for supper tonight. Soooo, I have been running around all morning like a chicken with my head cut off. Never heard of that bakery, but it sounds delish.