Sharing a Little Holiday Fun and What Are You Investing In Today

Hi Ya'll. Just wanted to share a little Holiday Fun here today.

Allison at Fussypants has a great take on keeping Christmas Relaxed and simple. Love it and the thought of keeping this in mind as I see all the 'things" we can make and buy and eat and do, etc. over the Holiday Season. Keeping it simple, Just thinkin'.

Here's a great and meaningful letter to write. Write your Mother Letter today. Learn about the Mother Letter Project and create your own. I just sent mine.

It's kind of like the our Economy, the Stock Market - Anderson Cooper said it best, "It's like we've just wiped away the past eleven years."

How about you? Does it only take our stock market dipping or the economy's disaster to 'wipe out your past eleven years?' if so, does it cause you to want to live the next eleven differently, for something more lasting than say the Nasdaq?

What are you investing in today?

"Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things." Colossians 3:2


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Shannon said...

True, true. We are kind-of the opposite though. Our livelihood depends on the market. So we need it to go back up to pay the bills. Nobody is talking about the commodity market.

Kim @ My Journey said...

Thanks for the great links! Have a super weekend!!!!