Five Things I Love About Carolina Living

Another beautiful Fall days lends itself to reasons I love Carolina living. I am following Carrie's lead - she lives in Mountain Man's home state so it was fun to catch up on the Mile High City. And in turn we'll pass on Carolina life.

Besides having a heritage in the Carolinas, there is a lot to love here. Honestly, that's evident by the hundreds of folks moving this way, all seemingly from 'up North' each day. :) People are getting back to family living and a simpler way - this 'ain't' New York. And on most days, that's a really good thing.

You'll excuse my personal bias to small Southern towns because that's the way I grew up. And so I appreciate these things a about Carolina living.

My parents were married here fifty-one years ago. Hayes-Baton United Methodist Church. It is a charming church in five points Raleigh. Since my parents were married in the Chapel, it has grown substantially. Fortunately, the Chapel is still there. Family is a big part of our lives and life in the Carolinas. It's a slower pace here and one that encourages that family matters. Fortunately, we have been near family all of our married life and we love it. Here we have the balance of both, we're on our own and yet have family within an hour - that's the best of both worlds. :)

We love the beach and our Outer Banks - so does the rest of the world... they are world renown and rightfully so. First it was the Wright Brothers you know making that airplane flight so historical :) .... but everyday it is just the sand and surf of the ocean. There is nothing like setting foot into the Atlantic.

UNC Tarheels! Tarheel Basketball says it all and yet, anything UNC rocks this house. Thanks to alumni mama we were born with that tar on our heels. I thought I would add a little Hansbrough love - he may be out a couple of weeks but expect the Tarheels to show their usual goodness.

Is it me or does anyone else see the Michael Phelps resemblance? Or maybe it is the mega-athletic resemblance!

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a majestic view of the mountains. And in general these mountains are glorious any time of year. We love the mountains and exploring so here is a glimpse. Mountain Man and we are at home our our mountain excursions. We truly love the outdoors.

Our own backyard. We love spending time of trails and outdoors yet we also love just being at home in Carolina. I took this last week as we were on our way out for a drive in the country. Here's a bit of our day in the life.

And hailing my New Orleans roots, I'm giving you a little something extra, a little Lagniappe! Because we Southerners love to eat, I have to add a local favorite. Allen & Son Barbecue is oh-my-word good. It's Carolina barbecue at its finest. That and a little/lotta sweet tea and you're set.

There's so much more but this was enough to get you going and give you the right idea.

I'd like to invite you to share your locale with us. Even your Carolina or wherever you are. Please leave us the link so we can follow along. I enjoyed saluting all things Carolina. Please share yours. It's fun.


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Smelling Coffee said...

How beautiful! And, how blessed you are to live so near your family.

Thanks for sharing the pictures and descriptions. Maybe one of these days I'll do that on Smelling Coffee!

tardevil said...

Hi and thanks for dropping by my blog! I actually have a friend that was married at Hayes Barton. I'm from that area, but living at Lake Norman. I do miss Raleigh, but get to go back briefly next week. I'd play along, but I will have to think because honestly you listed all of my favorite things about NC (except the malls and Biltmore!) Maybe I'll bump into you one day!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Ashville... hands down... Ashville

Nancy M. said...

I love the Carolinas too! I wouldn't want to live anywhere but the south!

RosyRose said...

That's it! I'm moving to Carolina tomorrow!
I honestly would love to live in your state. It's just so far from here!

Barb said...

I simply had to run over here and tell you that your friend's neighbor, dying at 37 and leaving behind such young children, just broke my heart. That's the saddest thing I think I've ever heard.

I want to thank you for reading my LONG post at Rocks In My Dryer and taking time to go to my place to leave a comment.

I haven't mentioned it in a while, but people who've been reading me for a while know that visiting the Outer Banks is a lifelong dream of mine. Someday...I'm going to spend two weeks on the Outer Banks, in a little shack, in ugly clothes and a floppy hat.....LOL

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you'll visit again.

Jo said...

I found you from Carrie's blog. What a lovely post of your area. My son is currently in North Carolina. It's beautiful there ~ nothing like Connecticut. I'd move in a heart beat if it were possible!


Maggie May said...

So beautiful! And I am from Mississippi so I so get the Southern love. We spent a week of summer two years ago in Nashville, and I lived in Baton Rouge for a uncle and aunt and family summer every year on your beautiful shores.

nice to find your blog:)

Janelle said...

I like the part about living near family! Growing up I lived near all of my family on both sides and LOVED it and miss it now. I especially miss it for my kids who don't get to see their grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins but maybe once or twice a year, if they are lucky. I know what they are missing, but I guess thankfully they don't. I also like the part about sweet tea! We moved to CA from FL and we did enjoy the sweet tea there and definitely miss it, and the BBQ! Guess we get good Mexican food out here instead! I'm originally from WY and miss the mountains, but am also enjoying the beaches! Carolina looks gorgeous! Maybe I'll visit there someday!

By the way, how do you know who wins the Wednesday give away? Do you announce it later? I always forget about it, but yesterdays stuff looks great! When is the deadline to enter? Just wondering for future reference! :)

Shannon said...

I'm right there with you on all of it, except for the Tarheels part, lol. Everyone and their brother in our families went to N.C. State so we are Wolfpack fans.
My absolute favorite spot in NC? Baldhead Island, hands down.