We're Praying Seven Prayers A Day

Just wanting to pass this along. We're off today on a School Field Trip so thinking of you and I'll be trying to whisper a few of these along the way.

Bring The Rain: Seven Prayers A Day

What an awesome inspiration Angie is! If you haven't read her journey - drop over and enjoy her husband's music - Selah! ;) while you're at it. Will you join us? What prayers do you pray for your children?

God Bless!

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Smelling Coffee said...

I just found this last night! I love it and will be making my cards today and doing this with my children. Great idea!

I'm praying through the Psalms for my children (and Proverbs for my husband.) Every emotion and situation is addressed in the Psalms and I'm going phrase by phrase praying those truths into their lives. Been doing this since 2000 and I'm just now in Psalm 77. :-)

Have a great field trip.