Country Roads Take Me Home... Carolina

Oh it is gorgeous outside. Here is a little shot we took today. After a busy week in bloggyland, it is nice to take it all in with Mountain Man and the Tigers. I feel so blessed each day and want to treasure these little lives that God has entrusted us with
"For such a time as this." I know I just blogged about Esther, yet, that verse and her life are a part of my parenting perspective.

I do not know about anyone else but most days I truly feel so inadequate to parent the Cherubs because I want to be as perfect a parent as I believe they are - aside from knowing they are these precious, innocent souls that God sent us and He can equip us to shepherd them to Him. "So help us God."

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Smelling Coffee said...

What a gorgeous picture! It was a beautiful day here, too. Finally our leaves are turning and the colors are vibrant this year. :-)

BTW, from what I can tell, friend... you are doing a great job parenting your Cherubs! :-)