Travel Review: The Cove, Asheville, North Carolina - Christian Conference Center

We were so richly blessed recently to enjoy a Family time at The Cove in Asheville, North Carolina. The Cove is a Christian Conference and Retreat Center.  Every time we have set foot on this amazing property, it truly feels like heaven on earth.  "Surely, the presence of the Lord is in this place."  You can seriously feel it.

This is one of my favorite spots on the property so you will see lots of pictures here....

Meet my family - we are loving the view, the time together and the incredible fellowship together, with Matthew West and his Dad, who travels with him now, and our deal friends, The Spinks of One Moms World! We Love Them! 

In April, we enjoyed "An Evening at The Cove" with Matthew West! Our whole family enjoyed the intimate Concert, the Inn where we stayed and the hiking on the gorgeous property.  We spent an afternoon at the Chapel and hiking the trails in that area.  So wonderful.  There is a beautiful creek running through the property and along the hiking trails.

Remember, my favorite spot on the property here you go.   Look at the fabulous weather we had.

Loved relaxing by the fireplace in the main Center with my Twins!  They were so happy to be big boys this year so they could join Mom and Dad. Milestones and what a place to celebrate them. 

It was so serendipitous that when we arrived at our Inn to check in, look who we saw, Matthew West and his Dad, checking into the same Inn!!  Our boys were ecstatic.  He is so kind and welcoming and so is his Dad. 

Every Cove trip has to include some tour or service at the Chapel.  This is a sacred place. 

This is the outside of the Chapel.  We had to catch at Family "Selfie" we were so thrilled to be here together.  

More family fun in the main lobby of the Billy Graham Training Center.  So fun!  

Did I mention blessed with fabulous friends!  The Spinks of One Moms World joined us for An Evening at the Cove with Matthew West!  We loved this.  Such a blessings. 

Father and Sons took off on the trails and LOVED all the hiking and guy time.  

Well, Dessert first.  Look at these adorable and tasty Coconut Pudding treats accented with Mint. Everything at The Cove Dining Hall is fantastic.  The Chef cooks fresh, tasty and healthy meals and desserts. I feel like I have great options there. 

See how well balanced and wonderful my meal looks.  The fresh cooked meals were unique and so tasty.  We all loved it. 

See here are Jen, of One Moms World, and me.  We were so happy to be reunited! 

Love getting fun pictures of my family - any time - and especially at The Cove!  We were all so happy and peaceful here. 

We feel so blessed our children love playing together and enjoying new things like the Concert tonight! 

Alas, Matthew West himself!  He is fabulous in concern.  He is so personable and spirit filled.  We were thankful to be included.

The Happy Family. 

Matthew West was so kind to sign Tee Shirts for our boys even before getting checked in.  So kind and considerate.  He is so cognizant about his work. 

LOVE this carving of The Cove Bear.  So cute. 

This is fun.  The Dining Hall serves ice cream in the lobby while you wait for your table, fellowship or just visit.  I had to spoil the boys with Ice Cream before Dinner.  Families are welcome and will be blessed, indeed.  Oh, well, you see the ice cream is on the last bite.... so mission accomplished. Treat before dinner. :) 

Enjoy an Evening at the Cove with someone you love.  Check out the shows by Natalie Grant, Phillips, Craig and Dean.  I believe any show at The Cove would be such a blessing.  There is a spirit at this place.  Thank you The Cove for such high standards, beautiful facilities and being such a blessing to all who visit. 


FTC Disclosure:  The Cove sponsored this post. All opinions are all my own. 

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