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As a Blogger, it has been so fun to work with local Restaurants and to support locally owned restaurants.  And how time goes by so quickly when you are having fun. :)  This is my last Restaurant Review for RDC.  It has been fabulous working together and to learn how they work to help their customers enjoy dining out, celebrating life and others.

So our boys and I chose one of our favorites to return to for our last review.  They chose Anna's Pizzeria.  This is a favorite of many locals here.  This Pizzeria was established by a family from New York who moved to North Carolina for the good life.  What is the saying, "I may not be from the South, but I got here as soon as I could."  That's what they did and they decided to bring a little of their home, New York with them.  And we couldn't thank them more.

They have amazing great food.  Check out our Antipasto Salad.  This was a popular choice for our boys. They love the meat and cheese rolled together in the salad.  This was a generous salad.  We even took some home for Dad.

Then the boys LOVE a half Pepperoni and a half Cheese Pizza.  Life is simple and good when you order this half and half.  I splurged on one slice of the Cheese Pizza with the Antipasto Salad.  It was perfection.  Great crust, awesome sauce :) and cooked just right.

I had to get a picture of the boys digging in - I know it is candid but I LOVE how my sons are diving right in - owning it.  Look at the fold over pizza. lol

Anna's is a fun place. I love this mural.  So quaint.

The boys and I wait in anticipation of a great lunch together.  Happy faces.

Then we had a little Cannoli.  It was their first and we all enjoyed the homemade version with a little chocolate.  A couple of bites polished off the meal.

This is the Anna's motto, "The Peak of Good Eating."  We couldn't agree more.  5 stars for Anna's.  Great food and service.

Do you dine locally?  What are your favorites?  Thank you for reading and, we're going to miss you!  

Carolina Mama 

FTC Disclosure:  I am an Official Blogger.  Opinions are all my own. 

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