Summer Fashion Trend - Chain Link Jewelry

Admittedly, we are at the Pool! So it feels like Summer is already here in North Carolina. One thing is sure, the Fashion Trends are steady for Chain Link Jewelry!

Yes, some trends start early! The first photo above is me at the UNC vs. Florida State Basketball Game.  So fun!  It was in March, see I start early. Fashionistas do, right. 

Enjoy the many ways you can enjoy some chunky Chain link Jewelry this Summer.  I will be making the most of this Fashion Trend all Summer. Look for it to pop up in our travels. You know I can get pretty creative.

Look, I even celebrated the look at the pool! 

That is another great thing, it is pretty indestructible. Just don't pay too much for it.  You shouldn't have to pay much for the fun look.

What do you think of his Summer Fashion trend?! I, obviously, love it! ;). Do you have some chunky chain jewelry and what is your favorite brand? 

Here I am sporting my jewelry on a date with my man. So fun an stylish. I love it! 

Carolina Mama

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