SkirtSports Best Skirt for Active Women: SkirtSports Review

My fascination with SkirtSports athletic wear for women - skirts y'all.  Running got so much more hip and fashionable when SkirtSports invented the Running Skirt.  WE LOVE SkirtSports for sure. I was thrilled to get to Review the product they provided for me.  Best thing, SkirtSports has so many great options so I chose this great outfit.

Here's the Review:

SkirtSports skirts are SO comfortable and practical.  And you will totally be in style and a super Fashionable Runner, too.  I love dresses and skirts and I also love the feminine look while I exercise.

SkirtSports just makes me happy.  What more, running endorphins with the benefit of cute clothing.  Here we are at Charleston's Cooper River Bridge Run 10K.  So fun and perfect weather.

Here I want to show you the cool "Runner's Dream Long Sleeve Shirt."  LOVE it!   I chose White because I love white and it can match so many things and for Summer it is pretty. It was perfect for Race Day and beyond this Spring. 

Here I am last week at the lake running and the Runner's Long Sleeve was perfect for stopping the wind without making me hot.  Ideal. 

Here are some quick details on the shirt: 

"The Runners Dream Long Sleeve is our version of the Runner’s High. Light on the body, lighter on the mind; you won't even know you're wearing it. All-mesh tummy panel and back (the bust panel being solid jersey...we like to keep some things secret!) with long lightweight jersey sleeves and thumbholes.  Can you say "Pinch me. I must be [Runners]Dreaming!" Designed by adrenaline-seeking women for adrenaline-seeking women.

Skirt fave feature:  The long arms and body make this a go-to top for any cooler weather workout – even your hands will love you with the built in thumbs holes for added warmth and coverage!"

I LOVED my SkirtSport Skirt choice.  The Lotta Breeze Capri.  Look at the cute and hip pattern on the blue skirt.

Here are some great details on the Lotta Breeze Capri shown here:

"The Lotta Breeze Capri Skirt transcends the seasons. The all-mesh, knee length capris add warmth when needed while effectively wicking away the sweat from a long run. Plus, the wide waistband yoke creates a tummy tuck effect, slimming your feminine curves. 
Features & Benefits
  • All-mesh Skirt length (size medium): 13 inches in front; 14 inches in back
  • Built-in no-creep semi-compression all-mesh Capri leggings with 17.5” inseam (hits snuggly just below the knee)
  • Mesh is non-see through
  • Wide waistband yoke, designed to flatter your curves
  • Two hidden pockets on the leggings holds your music player, keys, gels, phones and more
  • Sonic Music Port on right side just under waistband: Place your music player in the pocket, and thread the cord up and out the hole, so you don’t lift your skirt to rock out
  • NEW TENNIS FEATURE: Easy access ball pocket on left thigh (only available in all except Red Kiss. Lapis, Celebration, Untamed and some Black, have tennis ball pocket ONLY on left thigh)."

Here is a glance of the Skirt while we were on the Tennis Court. I LOVE how flexible this skirt is.  You can use it for hiking, running, tennis, cleaning house. :)  Really, it is that easy. And after a workout, it feels together enough to go pick up a few groceries, etc.  So I have the iPhone pocket on the right side and the Tennis Ball pocket on the left. Life is good. 

So I have the iPhone pocket on the right side and the Tennis Ball pocket on the left. Life is good. 
This is awesome for running.  You can thread your earbuds right through to your phone, set your play list and go! It is perfection. 

Our family plays a lot of Tennis together so I LOVE this new feature that holds a Tennis Ball!  The SkirtSport Lotta Breeze Capri has a Tennis Ball pocket! Yes, I am loving this feature. 

Love my workout looks now with the SkirtSports clothing.  

Check out the SkirtSports Sale page for great deals on enduring workout gear!  Yes, I give this workout gear a 5 Star rating on both items!  Check out SkirtSports and enjoy your workouts even more. 

Carolina Mama 

FTC Disclosure:  SkirtSport sponsored this post.  The opinions are all my own. 

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