Shaklee180 Three Month Update Numbers Y all

This is a sponsored post as part of the Shaklee Corporation blogger program.  I have received free products, online support and incentives for participating in the ShakleeCorporation blogger program. My opinions are my own.

Exercise-wise, I am loving Running consistently again!  Happy dance/run! :)  And I love my Pilates classes.  These are some of my favorite things. However, I did swim my first round of laps for the season and that was just like riding a bike. I LOVE swimming laps for a great Summer exercise. So I will be mixing these up for sure. 

Here I am in my element. :) 
Pilates May 2013
Running May 2013
This is the update post on my first three months on the Shaklee180 Blogger Program. I have loved this experience.  Each day I love the Shaklee180 Meal Bars and Smoothies.  Occasionally, I do not have them.  Overall, I have been consistent on the plan.  I love the Peanut Butter and Chocolate Bar for Breakfast with my Coffee and Water.  If I miss a big hot breakfast, we have breakfast for dinner. :) And I skip the biscuits and gravy. :)  I do have a little bacon and eggs.  Or lean ham and eggs with a half a serving of cheese. I don't miss toast.

For lunch or dinner, I have a Shaklee180 Fruit Smoothie including the protein powder and spinach with almond milk.  I really enjoy these.  They hit the spot when I am not hungry or when it is hot outside.  And I make them an ice cream consistency and eat it with a spoon sometimes. Treat for sure. Yes, I have continued Gluten Free for eleven months now and I love it.  Again, I am not celiac so there are some splurges. Yet, overall, I love the benefits of the gluten free diet for my body.

Since I love to really hold myself accountable with a little photo for you.  Here we go, this was taken this morning after Pilates by a little lady who (gasp, they are still out there) didn't know what an iPhone was.  Her kindness, to offer to take this for me so I wouldn't have to take a mirrored version myself, well made up for her lack of techyness. :)

See, why I work at all of this!  Pear shape.  These are, as my sisters and I say, "birthing hips."  Thank God since these carried Twins full-term.  Since the Twins, they HAVE seen leaner days, which we are well on our way to seeing again soon. Right!

Shaklee180 asked us to share what we love about ourselves, I do love my smile and eyes and right here, the way my waist looks tiny when I toss my hands on my hips in the "don't I look great" even though I am not near finishing my goal yet. :)

One thing I learned this month is that I do better maintaining and losing my weight if I have my meal during the day. :)  However, I do enjoy sitting down to a candle light dinner with my family any chance I get.  So, I do this some and notice the results.  So I mix it up a bit.

It was a great month.  I was a little slow losing, I did lose and I am thrilled.

This pic confirms that I lost just a 1/2 inch in the hips this month.  Y'all a loss is a loss.  At this rate, catch me next Summer for my final hip goal reached. :)  We are going to work on it until we get it! :)

And I did lose 1 inch in the waist!  Yea, waist. Thank you.  So you see, I will be quite busy finishing the next three months of the Shaklee180 journey.

Shaklee180 3 Month Photo :)

Thank you for joining my journey and as always, email me or comment with any questions or thoughts you may have.  Positive, please. We're moving in the right direction here. lol  So psyched to be continuing on the Shaklee180 Blogger Program until August.

See you in June! :)

Carolina Mama


Nichole said...

Gorgeous, as always!! :) Go, Malise!!

Sommer said...

You are beautiful and I can really see the difference! I am so glad you are running and be so active with your family! You inspire me!