Shaklee180 Two Month Progress and Update

We just completed our first two months on the Shaklee180 Blogger Program.  This has been one awesome program and we still have four months left to go.  I am excited to report some progress.  One thing I will share is that progress can take a slow form so I have to stay focused.  You may have seen my video of staying focused on vacations and weekend travels. 

Here is what I am looking like after 2 months on Shaklee180.  I love my new Spring look.

These pants are a size smaller :) and they are plenty loose after this past month.  More happy face, happy dance.  It has been worth every effort, every shake, meal bar, exercise, etc.  I love my routine with Shaklee180 and my Gluten Free life, most days.  (Again, I do not have celiac disease.  However, my body loves when I am Gluten Free 90% of the time.)

I actually like it and do not miss gluten.  Shaklee180 makes that simple because the products are Gluten Free, No GMOs, no artificial flavors or colorings.

The beginning of the month looks like this when the Shaklee180 Turn Around Kit arrives.

We have been traveling a lot this Spring and I am happy to still be losing even with a lot of special and big meals.  I am making more and more great choices as a habit.  And the best thing is I do not feel like I am missing out. I love making better choices and skipping all of the "filler foods." 

Here are some pictures from the first month, pre-Shaklee180, and just at the end of the second month.  I am wearing the same workout pants.  I can even see the progress in my tee shirts.  Look how loose the one on the right it.  Okay, girls, I know you're with me, so here goes.  My much unfilmed back side.  For the sake of helping others and keeping myself accountable....  I am just so pleased to be making progress. 

Here are some pictures in my SkirtSport gear. I love their girly feminine leggings and skirts.  Mine was too snug for my preference when I got it, and a month later, I am really liking the fit.

1 month after Shaklee180
2 months after Sbaklee180

Here is my family and me celebrating Mother's Day 2013!  So fun and I feel great. So we splurged a little at a fabulous new restaurant in Raleigh, CowFish, where I had awesome Sushi.  And we did share an incredible dessert - we didn't even finish it.  It was fun to splurge on something special like their Southern Lemon Pound Cake with fresh fruit and ice cream.

Now for some numbers:  Since beginning Shaklee180, I have lost 11.2 pounds!  And 7 1/2 inches! Yes, I am thrilled.  This is a good pace for me even though I would love to get to my end goal more quickly.  This is very livable and I do not even feel like I am missing out because I am focused most days and then have my splurges so I look forward to getting back on routine. 

Thank you for reading and joining me.  If you have questions, please feel free to leave a comment or email me at carolinamama1 @ gmail (dot) com.  


FTC Disclosure:  I am a Shaklee180 Blogger.  Products provided to me by Shaklee. Opinions are all my own.  


Sommer said...

You look amazing I can really see the difference! I am so proud of you!

Jen @ One Moms World said...

I can definitely see the difference. I am sooooo proud of you bestie!!