CowFish Raleigh Review

As a Blogger obsessed with good food, fashion and family travel, I was so delighted to have the opportunity to experience North Carolina's own, The CowFish Sushi and Burger Grill.  We absolutely fell in love with the entire Menu :) Atmosphere and People at CowFish.  

Here we are, one happy Family enjoying Mother's Day with the ones I love.  The atmosphere at CowFish is so cheerful and fun. 

Raleigh native, Marcus  was there to greet us on Mother's Day!  Talk about a very special and warm Southern Welcome from one of the Founders.  Our boys and my husband LOVED all of the stories and entrepreneurial inside from Marcus.

Here I am Mother's Day with my "lovies."  If the sweet guy on a date who offered to take this ever reads it, your Mama did great. Thank you for offering to take a Mother and Sons picture while my husband and Marcus talked a bit. 

The restaurant had such fun Art Work and creativity throughout.  We had a blast checking them all out. 

Now, this is a serious topic, Dessert.  Really, dessert first!  If I splurge on dessert, it needs to be awesome like this!  

Fresh Berry Tall Cake

Moist lemon pound cake and vanilla bean ice cream layers stacked high to the sky! Fresh strawberries, raspberries and blackberries
complete this sweet sensation.

That is all.  Right!  I mean this was so FUN and Tasty!!!  Premier Ice Cream with this fabulous Southern Lemon Pound Cake.  :)  

Every dish at CowFish was so beautiful.  I loved this Sushi plater.  So fresh, colorful and awesome all around.  Take a look at the Menu at all that awesomeness.  


....  and go ahead and your own favorites. 

My husband was over-the-top thrilled to try the Bison Burger "Buffolushi Sushi!'  I tried it too and it was so wonderful, satisfying and tasty.  What a great creation and  unique. 

Check out the COOL Aquarium with the CowFish in the tank.  Our boys had a blast.  It is so beautiful and mesmerizing. 

Look CowFish is so personable, they delivered Flowers to the Moms on Mother's Day!  Love this!  Made us feel so special.  All the Moms were smiling and enjoying Sushi, etc. 

Now here is another look at the Fusion of The CowFish.  

"The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar, a one-of-a-kind operation that knows no limits." 

See at CowFish even Burger Lovers are so happy.   Our boys cannot turn down an outstanding Burger and Fries like this.  They also found the Onion Rings to be a new favorite.  

CowFish Partner, Marcus Hall truly made the "Guest the King" with our visit.  Marcus exudes warmth, personality and joy in his creations.  We all loved talking with him.   He is a real Southern Gentleman who set me at ease when, after a perfect evening, as we left our table, my purse ever so graciously slid a glass on the floor.  Crash, boom.  Yes, I am the Foodie Blogger....  (I always tell our children, I make more messes than they do. :) Marcus did not miss a beat when he checked in on us and said, "That's how I roll, if it's been a good night, crash, I'm out of here!"  So huge a laugh out loud for all of us.   He totally set me at ease and made me feel better. Obviously, for me to mention it, golden. 

CowFish Raleigh is in the chic North Hills area of Raleigh.  All the happening fun is there.  We couldn't resist the CowFish Bus. It made the entrance so exciting - it was like the resident character. :) 

The landmark Capstrat Building is a perfect locale for The CowFish and we were so thrilled to see the outdoor seating options. 

Thank you so much CowFish for hosting our family and I adored Foodie Reviewing your Restaurant. It's at the top of our list.  We give it a 5 Star rating.  See y'all soon!  


FTC Disclosure:  The CowFish hosted our family.  This Food Review holds opinions all my own.  

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