Coin Cell Safety with Rayovac

Spring and Summer bring about renewed commitment to safety concerns.  As a Mom, I feel like I am always looking for ways to keep my children safe.  Keeping children safe has always been a top priority for Rayovac.  This season, Rayovac has stepped up to help parents with the important issue of Coin Cell Safety.

Take a look at the new Rayovac Coin Cell Safety Packaging.  This is so helpful, I love that they have the National Battery Ingestion Hotline Number 1-202-625-3333 right on the packaging.  Here is the new look:

Rayovac has developed this new Coin Cell Packaging designed to decrease the likelihood of accidental battery ingestion.  

Rayovac suggests these (3) Steps to Prevent Coin Cell Ingestion: 

1)  Keep these and all batteries out of the reach of children; 
2)  Know which devices, like watches, take lithium cell batteries; and 
3)  Know the facts about lithium cell batteries.  (See link to the Rayovac Facts below)

Check out the Rayovac site to Learn More on Coin Cell Safety. 

If someone Needs Treatment here are some steps: 


• Go to the emergency room before taking any actions of your own
• Call poison control (202) 265-3333
• Contact the National Capital Poison Center Hotline
    • Rayovac is an active participant and supporter of this hotline

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Here's wishing you the best in safety for you and your loved ones this season.

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: I am a Rayovac Power Blogger.  Opinions are all my own. 

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