Hottest Trends In Weddings

We have been involved in the beautiful Carolina Wedding Season.  Great friends and family have tied the knot right here in North Carolina!  The beauty - of the Brides of course - and the locales, venues, Chapels, and more have been breathtaking. 

We have attended Weddings just minutes from the Chapel where my own parents tied the knot in the 50s!  Talk about romantic.  And we all celebrated two Wedding Receptions at Raleigh's new, chic, Stockroom 120.  

In fact, in April, my friend, Sugar Megnolia broke in the Stockroom with her Southern Wedding that had the makings of the Hottest Wedding Trends!  She had us at the Photo Booth and their Monogram Lights on the Brick Walls... but it was the Biscuit Bar knapsack we went home with that gave us a good night cap. 

Here are the Hottest Trends in Southern Weddings by The Carolina Inn: 

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (July 26, 2011) – As the region’s weddings capital, The Carolina Inn reveals today’s hottest trends. The historic hotel on the UNC Chapel Hill campus has been hosting weddings for the past 87 years and hosts more than 125 weddings annually.

  1. A Favored Cause. Brides and grooms are opting for a donation to their favorite charity -- breast cancer awareness, SPCA, UNICEF and Disaster Relief in lieu of providing their guests with favors.

  1. Photo Booths.  Nothing better than a vintage tradition than allowing the guests to take a minute and capture the fun they had on this special day.

  1. Lighting.  From custom-cut gobos of monograms and graphics to projected wallpaper, weddings are taking advantage of lighting to add a whole new dimension to their décor.

  1. Originality.  Brides want a variety of locations within their venues where they can create different moods and experiences for their guests. Gone are the days of being stuck in your chair for two hours.  

  1. The Food Truck.  The idea of having something special at the end. Weddings are taking it to a whole new level by having a coffee truck or Krispy Kreme show up to top off the party.

  1. Comfort.  It’s less about trying to impress and more about having fun. Parties are choosing flip flops over high heels.

  1. Lounges.  Comfortable seating is not just for high-end receptions anymore.

  1. Feasting Tables.  Perfect for family-style service … another hot trend.

  1. Don’t Take the Cake.  Brides are opting for wedding cake alternatives such as cookies, gelato bars, cupcakes, whoopee pies and French macaroons.

  1.  Go Green.  All items have a sustainability factor as brides want to be environmentally responsible.

“It’s all about telling your story” said Heidi Werner, director of catering at The Carolina Inn. “Brides and grooms really want to showcase who they are as a couple and are creating their wedding receptions based on their lifestyles and interests. Wedding rules are out the door and replaced with trends of comfort and community. A whole new generation has ushered in limitless options of originality and here at The Carolina Inn we have our hand in the cookie jar of hot ideas to customize a couple’s perfect day.” 

The Carolina Inn has a long-standing tradition of helping brides and grooms fulfill their most cherished wedding dreams. From the exquisitely beautiful to the elegant and romantic, The Carolina Inn has been transforming wedding fantasies into memories that live forever for more than eight decades. Providing an atmosphere of warmth and grace, the Inn’s intimate parlors, secluded courtyards and expansive ballrooms are perfect for wedding receptions or the exchanging of vows.

From the stylish Old Well Room, with its evocative Art Deco décor, especially popular for weddings, to the elegant John Sprunt Hill Ballroom, neoclassical in design, The Carolina Inn has been making wedding dreams come true since 1924. With a tradition of hosting memorable bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, champagne brunches, wedding receptions and banquets, it devotes equal care to events for ten guests or five hundred.

For many alumni and others with a fondness for the charm of historic Chapel Hill and The University of North Carolina, wedding events at The Carolina Inn are a family tradition.
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Built on the campus of UNC Chapel Hill in 1924 by John Sprunt Hill – distinguished alumnus, successful businessman and University trustee – The Carolina Inn's original concept was "to provide for the special wants and comforts of the University alumni...and University visitors". The historical Carolina Inn features 185 charming and well-appointed guestrooms including 7 luxury suites.

What Wedding trends have you noticed lately?  These are definitely Southern favorites.

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

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