Fashion Friday: Banana Republic Mad Men Collection for Women

Hello Friday! Friday my Friend so happy to see you! And Fashion I love you! So happy to say Welcome to Fashion Friday this week. Has anyone else had this kind of a Thursday? lol

Just saying, mine included MacBook repairs and a Car bump in which I get to see what the body shop says to a nick that is about what a car door could do in a Wal-Mart parking lot... yes, that was my day.

Welcome Friday Fashion and Hello Banana Republic! and the Mad Men® Collection!  I think I am a "Betty!" 

I love these classic looks.  Simple, elegant styles. These are a part of the 
Mad Men Collection for Women.  

Take a look at this fun dress. 

And then I could totally go for this number! :) The Mad Men Collection 
Leopard Print Satchel!  Adore this. 

Reminds me of my Banana Republic days.  Oh, look at this one.... 

I feel a shopping spree coming on!  How about you?  Are you a Betty?  A Joan?  Check out 
your signature style on Banana Republic's Mad Men Collection! 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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Jaime Lee said...

oooh i like the dress with the pink flowers.