Albanese Candy Factory - A Modern Day Willy Wonka Factory

We traveled up North to see family and friends and the awesome city of Chicago! 
The memories are many and yet we had never ventured into this 
little confection....  the Albanese Candy Factory!

We were in love at first entrance.  My sister, Auntie, suggested the Nieces and Nephews and 
Great Nephews and Great Niece go.... she is an awesome Auntie! 
The kids were smitten and the adults too! 

Look at this - the Chocolate Fountain! 

WE had happy faces all around!  

Everything was colorful and tasty! 

I loved this little Gift Package! 

And you know my thing for quotes!  Well I love this about the "Little Things!" 

"Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you'll look back and realize they 
were the big things!"  This really spoke to me especially since we were in the 
area to see my sweet Mommy who is ill.  She always, always, always 
did the 'Little Things!" (well, truth be told the Big Things too) and they 
are the Big Things too now!  

The older I get and the longer I am a Mom, I so appreciate all the "little things" my Mom did. 

This just made me smile!  Pink, Ball, Mom, smile! 

My guys (minus cute Boulder Mt. Man) and me having fun!  

Proud Great Auntie that I am!!!! and a Mama of Minors myself, I have protected the innocent 
- which is our 9 month old Great Nephew!  I LOVE this!   The Tigers were so good with him! 

And the Candy available contained everything on the planet!  There is an abundance. 
What is your Candy Land experience?  Willy Wonkas? 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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