Rayovac Powered Our Road Trip to Chicago

Summer has been fantastic. We have had some awesome family trips. Recently, we had an unexpected trip. My mother is ill and we made the last minute trip that was a fantastic decision.

Nonetheless, it was Carolina Mama and Tigers, "It's 806 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of Bubble Gum, it's daylight.. and we're drinking Starbucks. " :)  Something like that!

For posterity, the Chicago Tribune and Marilyn Monroe. :) 

One of the Tigers has a Baby Tooth in Lake Michigan.... just know that we are 
very thankful that he is fine otherwise.  whew.  Thank you Lord for your protection.

The only thing is that for the first time my sweet husband could not join us. :(  He did say he "felt good" about us going on and sent me ahead with the children while he stayed back to work. For us this is a big deal, since we have been married, we road trip and travel together as a family. My blogging work and travel usually allows us to enjoy travel together. Of course, I have some blogging events and conferences where Dad and Sons have some extra bonding time.

Not only have I not driven more than three hours in our marriage, :) I usually have Boulder Mt. Man here to stand in as my "Media Man!" If I am a Mom Blogger, he is a Media Dad! :) Seriously, I am spoiled with great videography, photography and LOTS OF CHARGED BATTERIES! :)

You know how Boulder Mt. Man loves recycling, re-purposing and RECHARGING Batteries! Fast forward, me on a road trip sans my man! It took a whole lot of prayer, Starbucks, iPhone Apps and

Rayovac Batteries!

Really, it was so awesome that I took my USB Computer Rayovac Battery Recharger! wahoo!!  This was so great!  I literally recharged my Camera batteries ONCE during a 9 day trip and Hundreds of Photos: Photos of Chicago, Family - my Mom, my Great-Niece (we held at 5 days old!), my Great-Nephew who is a darling 9 months old!  And cute Great-Nephew who is a tall 1 year old. Photos of the Sears Tower aka Willis Tower!  Lake Michigan and so much more.

It saved me a world of time in my everyday use to be Powered Up by Rayovac and not have to worry about recharging and be down on power.  I got all those great photos all the way home.  And the Tigers Lightning McQueen Computers stayed powered up, too.  Essentials I tell you!

Rayovac's Everyday- Use line offers your best value in rechargeable power for high-drain devices.

  • Charges 2 AA or AAA NiMH or NiCad rechargeable batteries from your computer or any standard USB port.
  • 2 Green LED’s indicate charge status 
  • Charges Rayovac Everyday-Use AA rechargeable batteries in 9 hours
  • Compact size for easy portability (love this because it fits easily in my purse or computer bag!)

This was a life saver.  I knew I would miss Boulder Mt. Man but it takes a Road Trip without him to emphasize all the things he does for us: fill up the gas tank, recharge all batteries, take pictures and video, driving, driving, navigating gps, etc.  Not even mentioning packing, unpacking, packing, etc.

Thank you Rayovac for making sure I can Power Up for photos like this! :)

These were taken inside the Sears Tower / Willis Tower.  The flash made them.  I deleted the non-flash ones because they didn't turnout.  So look.

See Chicago from the SkyDeck!  We are standing on air! About 1,300 feet off the ground! 

Flash was used to give this picture color and sharpness.  And a nice view of the Chicago skyline.

Chicago, it's our kind of town!  

Warmly,Carolina Mama

*Carolina Mama is a Rayovac Power Blogger who loves sharing her battery stories with you. 


Cindy said...

Oh what fun! Experiences and moments you will never forget.

Amy Sullivan said...

Hey, from another NC mom. I have loads of family in Chicago so it was fun peeking around your post a bit.