Blogger Is Back - Hello Again

Hello Again my Friends!

We have been in the middle of the Sandwich Generation. My precious mother has been hospitalized and as life would see it, her Great GrandDaughter - the first girl in our family in 28 years - was born at the same time. This was my mother's third Grand Child. A fourth will arrive in October - happy times.

The Circle of Life is like that. I have done a lot of pondering as we have this reunion time of celebrating life and seeking to understand losing life.

I said it like this on my personal Facebook page:

"Really wish I had gone to Med School right about now and specialized in Geriatrics. We do not have all the answers but my Mom seems to be stable and improving. Thank you all for your prayers."

I'll share more shortly and look forward to getting 'back on our feet.' Thanks for your support and thoughts and prayers!

Warmly,Carolina Mama

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