Goodnight Irene and Remember Katrina

Looks like we made it! I don't know about you but I am thankful Hurricane Irene was more gentle than expected. We here in North Carolina are doing better than expected as is the East Coast!

She hung out in North Carolina a while.... did you notice that ... like hours. Well, my North Carolina Grandmother is named Irene. Yes! And... you guessed it... my middle name is a girl was Irene! :) Pretty fun! Now, you see why she just couldn't leave Carolina! And see Irene has manners she didn't want to be as devastating as they imagined. Thank you Irene! lol

While we're having fun... let's just tell Irene Goodnight Irene by Frank Sinatra.

While we are on the Hurricane topic, it was six years ago TODAY to the day, August 29th 2005 that Hurricane Katrina barreled into the Gulf Coast. And then the levees came down in New Orleans. We remember and are thankful to be moving forward.

How did you fare during the storm?

Warmly,Carolina Mama

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