A Glimpse Inside Our Home

A Glimpse Inside Our Home...

In This House....

We do Second Chances 
We Do Grace,
We do Real, 
We do Mistakes, 
We do I'm Sorry, 
We do Loud Really Well! :) 
We do Hugs! (Lots!) 
We do Family! 
We do LOVE ! :) 

As we embark upon a new calendar school year, I loved running across this and remembering what our family does.  In our home, we are not perfect.  In our home we do love and hug and show grace amongst our human side.  We are a family 

And are blessed with some amazing friends that God has given us.  This reminds me that in the end, it is love.  Love that is most powerful.  

Here's to your home!  

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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