Moe's Triangle Center Blogger Good-Bye

Recently, one of our awesome local bloggers, Jen @ One Moms World, moved to the North Carolina Mountains.  Talk about miss someone...what did we do, plan a party!

Thanks to Moe's Triangle Town Center we had a super fun and tasty Good-Bye See Ya Later Party for her!

So we got there early to make sure we were all ready.... of course, Moe's had it all party ready!

Amanda was so fun to plan and meet with us!   See here are our blogging friends! 

Then the party got started! 

And we got to hear the Owner Jen of Moe's Triangle Town Center. She is a business savvy woman
and she gave us all a warm Carolina Welcome to Moe's! 

Everyone loved hearing Jen speak! 

Here's the the Honoree of the party, Jen of One Mom's World! 
Gonna miss my Bestie!  Yet, we will keep busy with our Mom Blogging and Travel Blogging 
Events to keep working together! 

And oh, the food was amazing!  Look at all of that Southwestern Grill goodness! 
Everyone chose whatever they wanted to eat! And there was a plenty! 

See how much fun we had! :) 

Moe's thought of everything!  Love the Bon Voyage Jen! Cookie Cake! :)

Happy Jen and her girls loved the Cookie Cake.  We missed her sweet Hubby 
who had already gone ahead to the mountains to get the house ready.  Then he came 
back to finish packing up the house. What a sweetie! 

Se we all loved it!  And "Miss Jen!" 

We were blessed to party together with some of the many amazing Raleigh/Durham Mom Bloggers like Erin Lane, Adventuroo, All Things Fadra, 
Go Mom and Bobbie! 

Success all the way around!  Good friends, food and fun!  Thank you Moe's Triangle Town Center for the warm Welcome and tasty treats.  And for all the great memories! 

Have you checked out Moe's and all of the amazing Salsas they offer?! 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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