BJ's Wholesale Club-A Great Place to Save Money

Looking for a great place to shop and save a lot of money? Look no further, for BJ's Wholesale Club is the place to be.

Here I am on my recent trip to renew our BJ's Membership:

Take a look around the BJ's! 

Coupon galore!  BJ's ALWAYS mails you coupons and there are coupons at the door, every time you go to shop.  So you have extra savings all the time.

See Watermelon $3.99.

$12.99 Maxi Dresses - Bargain!                                                          Lots of awesome Samsung products!

Even beautiful fresh flowers! 

 Samples to die for are always waiting at BJ's.   You can taste before you buy.  Usually, it is fabulous!

Some of my favorite things-Fiber One Cereal & the Fiber One Bars!  And look even Dunkin' Donut Coffee!

And Friendly Customer Service. 

We have been BJ's members for 3 years now, and plan on keeping our membership for many years to come.

BJ's Wholesale Club is a fun place to shop. They have a tremendous variety of everyday household items, a really cool electronics department, and awesome prices on groceries among a few of the options they offer. Not only can you get these great products and a reduced rate, you can find some really great items of high quality clothing for very reasonable prices.

That is just the start. Did I mention that BJ's takes manufacturers coupons? That is right, a discount store takes coupons. Not only will they take the manufacturers coupons, they send you a book of coupons every month! This is unheard of, and we really do like that option.

Their is a nominal membership fee of $50 per year, but that is quickly paid for with the lower prices throughout the store. BJ's even has a travel service, so you can get very low prices on travel packages. They even have an eyeglasses department. Check out their locations today, they have over 180 stores in 15 states.

There are so many other great features that it is about impossible to mention them all. One of my favorite things is the dresses that I find. Really! I found one of my favorite Summer Maxi dresses at our BJ's for $12.99. I often find good books for th children there.

Some of our favorite items of Fiber One Bars, String Cheese, and Milk! Compare the prices and you'll understand!

Check out BJ"s Wholesale Club today to find all that is offered through this awesome club.

Warmly,Carolina Mama

*BJ's partnered with me to bring you this post -  my opinions are my own -  as you can see in the video, we have been happy long time members.  I am happy to partner with BJ's to share my opinion and like with you. 


Beth in NC said...

Great job! I have only been to BJ's once. If they were closer to me than their competitor - I'd probably join too. :o)

You look beautiful as always!

Love Being A Nonny said...

Interesting! We are about to have a BJ's open here where I live. We are long time, die hard Costco fans. I wasn't sure I would try BJ's but it looks a lot like Costco, so I might. Had no idea they took manufacturers coupons. Interesting! Thanks for sharing!

Carolina Mama said...

Beth and Nonny, they are having a FREE 60-Day Trial Membership come September. May be a good time for y'all to check it out. :)

Shannon said...

We don't have a BJ's close by, but we have Sam's. I joined when the twins were born, and ordered my groceries on-line. It was a total life saver. Still members today. 7 years now, and still loving it! (they also donote money for school functions and church gatherings)