Fly Fishing with Alex Bell Cashiers, NC

During our recent visit to High Hampton Inn, we got to take private Fly Fishing Lessons from the well-known Alex Bell of AB Fly Fishing. 

Here is Mr. Bell in his glory.  Fly-fishing.   He was an awesome instructor.  He has years of experience and he can explain it to lay-people like us.  Even our little people understood him well.

We had a fabulous setting to fish there on the High Hampton Inn property on this pond. 

Mr. Bell coaches one of the Tigers along on the art of Fly Fishing.  

It worked!  He caught one!! .... he caught two!  Happy times! 

And Mr. Bell was very patient to wait with our other Tiger while he worked on catching a fish.
And worked.... and worked.  So you see, Twins are not EXACTLY alike.  Sometimes that's hard.
But the fly fishing was good even great!

We had to end our successful first time ever fly-fishing here in the North Carolina mountains with a photo 
opportunity with Mr. Bel.  It was a great day.  

The private instruction was awesome! 

For good measure, we have a little family photo of our outing.  

Just so you know, we clean up nicely, here we are at dinner that evening! 
That is the lovely thing about High Hampton Inn, dress up for dinner!  
It is a wonderful experience set in these amazing Blue Ridge Mountains. 
"Purple Mountains Majesty!...." 

Back to the Fly Fishing, we wrapped up our day and 
we have this memory of a lifetime.  "It doesn't get any better than this!" 

Have you ever gone Fly Fishing?  Private lessons?  We recommend it - highly!

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

*AB Bell Fly Fishing sponsored our family Fly Fishing Instructions and Day.  The fact that we fell in love with it and caught fish, that's pure personal joy that we love sharing here. 


Carolyn G said...

How cool. Me and hubby want to learn to fly fish especially since we live on the Tuckaseegee River. That is one of the best fly fishing locales in NC. I actually work in Cashiers! It is beautiful up here.

Rebecca Bany said...

Great post. That place looks wonderful.

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This post is fantastic and these photos looking for very amazing. Thanks for sharing.