Bryan Twins Win Wimbledon 2011 Bryan Twins!

We held our traditional Breakfast at Wimbledon!  What a morning we've had!  We were thankful for the class acts and athletes on the Center Court this morning.  This is not to be taken for granted today.  Some years.

Petra Kvitova!! won the Women's Wimbledon Singles with class and charm and a formidable left hand swing!  She is very humble not braggadocios.

She's all style!  And Maria Sharavopa was a respectful and commendable second. A wonderful morning of tennis!  Maria is to be noticed for her poise and grace.

Then on to the Brothers Bryan!  The California Bryan Twins WON the Wimbledon Doubles!  We loved this!  And guess what we're heading out to the Tennis Courts with our Twins!  They are inspired!

Only problem NBC needs to apologize and REMOVE the PlayB *o* y commercial from the Wimbledon Tournament schedule!  Awful!  And this is morning, cartoon, family tv people. Awful you NBC.  Have some style and stick to your ING and investor commercials.  Do you really stoop to this level for the almighty dollar.....  ugh.

Anyway, Kudos to Kvitova and the Bryan Brothers Twins!!! :) Awesome role models on Center Court!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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Love Being A Nonny said...

Wonderful weekend of tennis....and you are correct, that commercial needs to GO!!! Did you see we (son and DIL) are having TWINS??????????