Friday Fashion: BOA The Oprah "O" List Scarf

So last night, I loved a Mom Bloggers Event - you know, it involved Moms - Mom Fashion!  So I was in and I got to see other great Mom Bloggers in the area and meet a new one!  That was half the fun.  

A huge kudos goes out to Erin @ Marketing Mama for hosting us at Raleigh's Clothes Hound. So fun and what a cute shop! I discovered these ...

Look the Oprah Scarf! :)  Leave it to me to pick this up and hear the Owner say, "That's the "O" Favorite List Scarf!"  I'm fashionable like that!  lol  So I share my own love of the Fornash BOA from the Oprah "O" List! Aren't these awesome!

Completely comfortable, simply affordable, and very versatile! Love these! And they come in a world of colors, so we'll need several. :) That's Mom Fashion!
Have a great weekend y'all!

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