Fall With My Pumpkins

Lovely Fall day with the Tigers! NC Farmer's Market is awesome and full of local finds like ... Honey honey... NC Honey !  This is the best honey around!  Tart Farms makes it and it has the honeycomb in the honey.  So tasty.  This makes me want to bake Honey Ham?  Or Honey Baked Ham!  Anyway, we love honey in our hot tea.  Now, I want to put it in everything. :)

The lady from the farm said you can chew the honeycomb.  We tried it.  How cool!  It was like a honey flavored piece of gum.  Loved it!  Then it was on to smashing pumpkins ... ha!  On to the pumpkin patch!  NC has some awesome pumpkins.

It was so hard to chose.  We made an adorable arrangement on our front lawn and are embracing all things Fall!  Are you?!  What are your favorite things for Fall?


Jen @ One Moms World said...

Love the pumpkin picture! Too adorable!

We are so excited for fall for fall crafts, fall cooking, pumpkins, apples, festivals... we love it all.

We are going to do pumpkin carving and baking the pumpkin seeds this weekend with the fam all in town!

Net Strand said...

We went for pumpkins yesterday. Florida actually felt a little bit like a warm fall.
Love the photos of you and your boys.

Melanie said...

What a great picture of you and your boys.