Rayovac Rechargables Powers Your Life and Our Home!

Most of you know my husband, Boulder Mountain Man of Eat This Recycle That  is from Boulder, Colorado.  He taught me much about leaving a lighter footprint and living a green life long before it was in vogue.  I've watched him live a life of gentleness and greenness on our earth.

He teaches our boys the same thing.  In fact, they make weekly trips to the Recycling Center in our town to take things our paid recycling service will not.  The neighbors know he will haul stuff off for them to recycling that gets left on the curb. 

Some years back he taught us all about the beauty of Rechargeable Batteries.

What a joy to have our boys recharge their own batteries!  Yes, they have their own recharger in a desk drawer with their electronics and they just fire them up as needed!  

Rayovac Batteries power our home on a continual green way! 

We narrowed it down to Rayovac Batteries - the Official Battery of Walt Disney World - as the longest lasting battery on the planet that powers our family life.  Rayovac is our battery of choice and that was long before being asked to be a Rayovac Power Blogger Ambassador.  Talk about a natural fit!

Rayovac Rechargables:

  • Offer More Power, Less Waste and Cost Less Money.
  • AA Rayovac rechargeables up to 500 times - reducing waste and saving money.
Photography is something I love.  I love pictures of my Tigers, Mountain Man and our family.  As a MomBlogger, I love taking pictures!  And my camera takes (4) AA batteries.  With Rayovacs I can take up to 300 photos per charge with the Rayovac Everyday Rechargeables and up to 400 photos per charge with the Rayovac Platinum Rechargeables!  

They're Green but they're Golden really!  You're golden when you use them.  

Just to make it fun: 

Coupon Offer:Find a $3.00 off coupon for Rayovac Rechargeables at www.facebook.com/rayovac.

You can also find more information about Rayovac Rechargeable products here: http://www.rayovac.com/en/Products/Rechargeables.aspx

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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MountainMan said...

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Those quick charge batts are the way to go!